Quick Guide to Owning an Air Filter

Do you want an air purifier but don’t know where to start? We’ll provide you with a quick and easy guide to owning an air purifier.

How to Choose the Right Air Purifier:

Some efficiency experts in this genre have said that if you don’t have a forced-air system, you may want to consider buying a larger unit. This is also a premier machine to suggest to people that have multiple pets or any severe allergies and respiratory issues. This link [http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20307209,00.html] will tell you which to buy if you have COPD and other pulmonary issues and what not to buy under these circumstances. The larger units work quite well in lower speeds as well as high speeds and will gather 3 times the particles of some smaller models.


Features to look for in your air purifier:

Make sure you have a model that has a clean indicator. Find out if the clean indicator is triggered by the length of time it’s been on or if it’s really dirty. A good rule of thumb is checking the filter frequently enough to clean it or change it when it’s due.

Check the efficiency with this guide; “The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers”. Look for the {CADR} rating which is the Clean Air Delivery Ratio. This guide will provide the metrics for how large of a air purification unit you need for the room-size.

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Two Types of Air Purifier:

There are two distinct types of air purifier. One is the room unit which can be moved around from room to room as needed. The other type is actually connected to the duct-work. This is a highly effective and expensive yet, worth it choice. The room air purifier is the only choice for a household that doesn’t have forced air heating and or cooling. So, if you’re in need of the most powerful and efficient, consider a large unit.

Choose one that has a HEPA filter in it which is a High Efficiency Particulate Air purifier. It picks up the tiniest particles in the air. You may as well go for the gusto if you can’t have the one that’s attached to the house.

Get one with a fan. Those tested worked poorly that didn’t possess a fan. People mainly choose models with no fans due to the noise. If you are used to or prefer white noise, the models with fans may work for you. You also may want one that has a good air quality indicator. Make sure you check the reviews for the better models.